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The Holocaust History Podcast Reading List


Here you can find links to the books we have discussed or have been mentioned on the podcast!

Books by Episode

Episode 1. History, Fiction, and Truth with Omer Bartov


Bartov, Omer. The Butterfly and the Axe (2023)

Bartov, Omer. Anatomy of a Genocide: The Life and Death of a Town Called Buczacz (2019)

Bartov, Omer. Tales from the Borderlands: Making and Unmaking the Galician Past (2022)

Bartov, Omer. Erased: Vanishing Traces of Jewish Galicia in Present-Day Ukraine (2015)


Friedlander, Saul. Nazi Germany And The Jews: The Years Of Persecution: 1933-1939 (2007)

Friedlander, Saul. Nazi Germany And the Jews: The Years Of Extermination: 1939-1945 (2008)


Sebald, W.G. Austerlitz (2018)



Episode 2. Romania and the Holocaust with Grant Harward


Harward, Grant. Romania's Holy War: Soldiers, Motivation, and the Holocaust (2021)


Browning, Christopher. Ordinary Men: Reserve Police Battalion 101 and the Final Solution in Poland (1992)



Episode 3. The Fourth Reich with Gavriel Rosenfeld


Rosenfeld, Gavriel. The Fourth Reich: The Specter of Nazism from World War II to the Present (2019)

Rosenfeld, Gavriel and Janet Ward. Fascism in America: Past and Present (2023)

Gurock, Jeffrey S. An Alternate History of American Jewry, 1938-1967 (2015)

Episode 4. America's Rescue of Jews with Rebecca Erbelding

Erbelding, Rebecca. Rescue Board: The Untold Story of America's Efforts to Save the Jews of Europe (2018)

Mendelsohn, Daniel. The Lost: A Search for Six of Six Million (2008)

Episode 5. The Sobibor Photo Album with Martin Cüppers

Cüppers, Martin, Anne Lepper, Jürgen Matthäus. From "Euthanasia" to Sobibor: An SS Officer's Photo Collection (2022)

Cüppers, Martin and Klaus-Michael Mallmann.  Nazi Palestine: Hitler's Plan for the Middle East and the Arab World (2009)

Episode 6. Holocaust Archaeology with Caroline Sturdy-Colls

Sturdy Colls, C. Holocaust Archaeologies: Approaches and Future Directions (2015)

Sturdy Colls, C. and Kevin Colls. 'Adolf Island': The Nazi occupation of Alderney (2022)


Gradowski, Zalmen. From the Heart of Hell: Manuscripts of a Sonderkommando prisoner at Auschwitz 2017

Episode 7. Holocaust Survivors in the US Military with Mike Rugel

Cohen, Daniel. Single Handed: The Inspiring True Story of Tibor "Teddy" Rubin (2016)


Wyman, David. The Abandonment of the Jews: America and the Holocaust, 1941-1945 (2007)

Episode 8. Topf and Sons- The Family who Engineered the Holocaust with Karen Bartlett

Bartlett, Karen. Architects of Death: The Family Who Engineered the Holocaust (2018)

Bartlett, Karen. The Diary That Changed the World: The Remarkable Story of Otto Frank and the Diary of Anne Frank (2022)

Bartlett, Karen and Eva Schloss. After Auschwitz: A story of heartbreak and survival by the stepsister of Anne Frank (2014)


Presser, Jacob. Ashes in the Wind: The Destruction of Dutch Jewry (2010)

Episode 9. The Persecution of Transgender and Gay Communities during the Holocaust with Laurie Marhoefer

Marhoefer, Laurie. Sex and the Weimar Republic: German Homosexual Emancipation and the Rise of the Nazis (2015)

Marhoefer, Laurie. Racism and the Making of Gay Rights: A Sexologist, His Student, and the Empire of Queer Love (2022)


Browning, Christopher. Remembering Survival – Inside a Nazi Slave–Labor Camp (2011)

Bergen, Doris. War and Genocide: A Concise History of the Holocaust (2016)

Kaplan, Marion. Between Dignity and Despair: Jewish Life in Nazi Germany (1998)

Episode 10. Why We Fight- The Band of Brothers Holocaust Episode with John Orloff and Ross McCall

Stargardt, Nicholas. The German War: A Nation Under Arms, 1939–45 (2016)


Frankl, Victor. Man’s Search for Meaning (2004)

Episode 11. Hunger and Starvation in Ghettos with Helene Sinnreich

Sinnreich, Helene J. The Atrocity of Hunger: Starvation in the Warsaw, Lodz and Krakow Ghettos during World War II (2023)


Cole, Tim. Holocaust City: The Making of a Jewish Ghetto (2003)

Episode 12. The Auschwitz Jewish Center and Holocaust Education in Poland with Tomek Kunciewicz and Maciek Zaberowski

Browning, Christopher. Ordinary Men: Reserve Police Battalion 101 and the Final Solution in Poland (1992)


Perechodnik, Carel. Am I A Murderer?: Testament Of A Jewish Ghetto Policeman (1996)


Tuszynska, Agata. Family History of Fear: A Memoir (2016)

Episode 13. Drunk on Genocide: Nazi Perpetrators, Alcohol, and Violence with Ed Westermann

Westermann, Edward. Drunk on Genocide: Alcohol and Mass Murder in Nazi Germany (2021)

Westermann, Edward. Hitler's Police Battalions: Enforcing Racial War in the East (2010)

Westermann, Edward. Hitler's Ostkrieg and the Indian Wars: Comparing Genocide and Conquest (2019)


Lower, Wendy. Hitler's Furies: German Women in the Nazi Killing Fields (2014)

Glazer, Richard. Trap with a Green Fence: Survival in Treblinka (1995)

Isaacson, Judith Magyar. Seed of Sarah: Memoirs of a Survivor (1989)

Lengyel, Olga. Five Chimneys: A Woman Survivor's True Story of Auschwitz (1995)

Delbo, Charlotte. Auschwitz and After (2013)

Episode 14. The Romani Experience during the Holocaust with Ari Joskowicz

Joskowicz, Ari. Rain of Ash: Roma, Jews, and the Holocaust (2023)


Jablonka, Ivan . A History of the Grandparents I Never Had (2016)

Episode 15. Holocaust Education with Irene Ann Resenly

Resenly, I. A. (2022). Site Educators in Germany’s Perceptions of Practice: The Sense-Maker and the Storyteller. In Tour Guides at Memorial Sites and Holocaust Museums: Empirical Studies in Europe, Israel, North America and South Africa. Wiesbaden: Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden. pp. 33-45.


Schweber, S., & Resenly, I. A. (2018). Curricular Imprints or the Presence of Curricular Pasts: A Study of One Third Grader’s Holocaust Education 12 Years Later. Holocaust Education in Primary Schools in the Twenty-First Century: Current Practices, Potentials and Ways Forward. pp. 3-18.


Schweber, Simone.  Making Sense of the Holocaust: Lessons from Classroom Practice (2004)

Episode 16. Eisenhower and the Holocaust with Jason Lantzer

Lantzer, Jason. Dwight Eisenhower and the Holocaust: A History (2023)


Hilberg, Raul. Destruction of the European Jews (1961)

Goldensohn, Leon. The Nuremberg Interviews: Conversations with the Defendants and Witnesses (2007)

Episode 17. The Kindertransport(s) with Amy Williams

Williams, Amy and William Niven. National and Transnational Memories of the Kindertransport: Exhibitions, Memorials, and Commemorations (2023)


Miley, Hanna Zack. A Garland for Ashes: World War II, the Holocaust, and One Jewish Survivor's Long Journey to Forgiveness (2013)

Julius, Lyn. Uprooted: How 3000 Years of Jewish Civilization in the Arab World Vanished Overnight (2018)


Episode 18. Treblinka with Chad Gibbs

Gibbs, Chad S.A. “Treblinka Geography: Nazi Building, Jewish Breaking, Historical Reconstructing,” in Space in Holocaust Research: A Transdisciplinary  Approach to Spatial Thinking, Alexandra Klei, Annika Wienert, Janine Fubel, Eds. May 2024.



Grüner, Wolf.  Resisters: How Ordinary Jews Fought Persecution in Hitler's Germany (2023)

Episode 19. The Jasenovac Camp with Stipe Odak

Odak, Stipe and Andriana Kuznar, Danijeila Lucic, eds. Jasenovac Concentration Camp: An Unfinished Past (2023)


Bylford, Jovan. Conspiracy Theories: A Critical Introduction (2011)

Episode 20. Polish-Jewish Relations in the Holocaust with Jan Grabowski

Grabowski, Jan. On Duty - The Polish Blue & Criminal Police in the Holocaust (2024)

Grabowski, Jan. Night Without End: The Fate of Jews in German-Occupied Poland (2022)

Grabowski, Jan. Hunt for the Jews: Betrayal and Murder in German-Occupied Poland (2013)

Browning, Christopher. Ordinary Men: Reserve Police Battalion 101 and the Final Solution in Poland (1992)

Episode 21. Polish-Jewish Relations in the Holocaust with Jan Grabowski

Langford, Barry and R. Eaglestone (eds). Teaching Holocaust Literature and Film (2007)



Sereny, Gitta. Into That Darkness: From Mercy Killing to Mass Murder (1983)

Stone, Dan. The Holocaust: An Unfinished History (2024)

Episode 22. Nazi Perpetrators and disgust with Ditte Marie Munch-Jurisic

Munch-Jurisic, Ditte Marie. Perpetrator Disgust: The Moral Limits of Gut Feelings (2023)



Westermann, Edward. Drunk on Genocide: Alcohol and Mass Murder in Nazi Germany (2021)

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