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Project Objectives

  1. Produce the first comprehensive Historical Building Information Model of a Nazi concentration camp.

  2. Develop critical digital humanities methodology, praxis, and theory integrating quantitative and qualitative analog sources with digital analysis by creating a rigorous 3D model based on a variety of historical documents.

  3. Engage the broader public (both worldwide and the local Ukrainian population) by using the model to present the history of the site on a web-based platform.

  4. Explore the ethical and theoretical questions raised during the process of creating the model while also analysing the utility of an HBIM as a tool for the heritage sector in bringing inaccessible or distant sites to a larger audience.

  5. Enhance my scholarly expertise as a digital humanist, particularly in the realm of 3D modeling and theory as well as my experience in leading a DH team while also integrating DH tools.

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