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We are using two platforms to build this digital reconstruction of the Janowska camp.  Our architectural modeller will be building the geometries of the buildings using the REVIT platform.  Then our 3D environment team will import the basic geometries into the Unreal Engine which is used for a variety of purposes including video games.  Unreal Engine will allow us to build an interactive environment for the online learning platform where we will be able to add primary source material like testimony, videos, and photographs.

In addition, I've been working to learn Blender which is a free platform for 3D modeling.  I think it's important to understand what goes into digital modeling.  Below is an image of a building from another part of the camp (that isn't going to be in the final reconstruction).  I built this in Blender just to test what I have learned.  The final image won't obviously have the blueprints but I used them to help build the model to scale.

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