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Waitman Wade Beorn

Historian. Writer. Public Scholar

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Between the Wires: The Janowska Camp and The Holocaust in Lviv

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The sixty acres comprising the Janowska concentration camp in Lviv, Ukraine are the most important place in the Holocaust that you have never heard about.  The Nazis murdered perhaps as many as 80,000 Jews there and used the camp as an accessory to the murder of over 500,000.  The story of this place contains all the drama of a major motion picture while remaining completely true.  In this engaging and riveting historical account, readers discover compelling inhumanity, Nazi victimization, the will to survive, and an exciting armed uprising, all across the broad sweep of the history of the Holocaust. 


About Waitman Wade Beorn

I am an historian at Northumbria University with research interests in the Holocaust, genocide, and German history.  I am also a digital humanist and public facing historian.

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